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Chicken Finger Day mmmmmmmmmmmm

I may have to retake german. I have to make at least a C in there, and I might have a D. Well..it wont be the end of the world, just somethin I'll have to do over. I like to look at things in a not so depressing way.

HAHA...uh, Chris and I are gonna take a trip to Greenwood soon. Last night we were kickin some plastic thing around the hall tryin to play soccer. So today I said I wanna go buy one. He's like "Lets just go to my house and get mine" SOOooo we just now decided to do that once we're done w/ everything.. I love being spontaneous. And he's gonna pay for my gas, SUCKER HAHAHA....just kiddin. But yea..Ive been in a good mood today. Even tho classes aren't that great... :\

Chris, Chris, and I might go to Banana Joe's Thursday, ANyone Wanna Go????
Well, Im goin for now, later
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