Michele (s0ccerchick) wrote,

Good Morning

I slept so good last night. I felt like I had slept till 12, but it was only 8 in the morning. But I wish it wasn't raining. I went to a movie Saturday..The Ring. It was Me, Chris, Courtney, Ashley, and David. That was a cool movie. It freaked me out! Later that day the 4th floor RA invited us to go 'drinkin' with them. He's pretty cool when you get to know him. We went to the Wailey's Mill Apartments. There were several people there. I went with Chris, Matt and Ashley and Courtney. Ashley and Courtney are these 2 girls in high school from Tennessee, they came here to visit Matt. Matt asked if I could say they are signed in in my room, since they couldnt stay with a guy, and to make their moms happy. So their mom gave me a "house warming" gift! A batch of cookies and a bear and lotions from Bath and Body Works. haha! Well, after that we went back to the dorms, me and Chris didn't want to end the night already...too early. We went to Wal Mart, and to try to rent a movie at like 2 in the morning. But we forgot about the stupid blue laws. So a buncha sections were roped off in wal mart.

Yesterday wasn't very productive. I slept til 12. I was gonna go swimmin with some people, but couldn't find my swimsuit. So then we went to buy some games to play on XBox. That thing is fun. I went to bed about 1:20.

And now it's raining :( And its the week. I wish it could be the weekend forever.
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