Michele (s0ccerchick) wrote,

cut open my skull; and rip out my brain

cause my head hurts!! Halloween didnt really seem like anything different. But it was still cool. It was cold yesterday. Last night some of us decided to go to Banana Joe's...Me, Jess, Chris Grubbs, Chris Cox, Brian and some other guy, forgot his name. There were so many people there! I had fun, except I shouldnt have drank as much as I did before we left. We got back maybe around 2:30. JESUS..this morning, i felt so bad. I have never had a hangover like that. I was looking for anything to help, tylenol, bread, water, haha. I feel a little better. My head still hurts a little.
OH YEA, I was messing with Chris's lock blade knife right before we left last night, and I cut the crap outta my finger. When I cut it, it started pouring blood..I was like, uh, I'll be right back. They didnt know what I did. I went to the bathroom to clean it, then a few minutes later Chris walked in lookin for me. he said I got blood all on the vodka bottle and door handle. haha. oops.
I dunno, I like bein around Chris. last night he kept like kissin me on the cheek and stuff. But anyway, last night was fun.
I have to work tonight, tomorrow mornign and tomorrow night.

Well, im gonna go for now, seeya
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