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Michele's Journal

Thursday, December 5, 2002



Tuesday, November 26, 2002

3:39PM - YAY

I think I am coming home sooner than I thought, because I found someone to work for me. I may leave around 4 or so. Last night Chris and I drank a little. Well...he drank a lot, I didn't have much. We were in mine and Jessica's room. He got pretty damn drunk! He was laughing at everything...yeaaa, funny. We were telling him about Helga, so we told Jenni to go in her room and we were gonna walk over there. We wanted to see how she would act. Wouldn't you know that she acted 'civil', as jenni said, when we were there. So Chris didn't get to see the side of her that we all know.
I am probably going to give Chris a ride home, it's along the way. I know he likes me, but I think he really likes me. That make sense?
Well, I need to go get my things packed. I guess I'll be in Duncan before long.


Current mood: happy

Monday, November 25, 2002


The computer people just fixed our internet. Finally. Jessica had to keep calling those fools. But yea, I'm glad it's working.
I didn't have German today, thank god.

I am ready for Thanksgiving. I can't go home until Wednesday because I have to work Tuesday night until midnight. But I might actually drive home then. Nothing else to do, unless I am really tired. But I doubt it.

My weekend was alright. Didn't do anything too crazy. Just the whole tattoo deal with Chris. Played video games and ate. Yep, that pretty much sums it up. A lazy weekend.
Well, I gotta go get a work schedule, cause I never got one since he changed it around. Ohh welllll.

Current mood: happy

Saturday, November 23, 2002

8:49PM - YO

Today was a fun day. Chris and I were tryin to find something to do this morning. He asked where I got my tattoo, cause he was thinkin of getting one. So we drove to Gastonia, NC...he planned to just look at designs and see what he wanted. He ended up getting one, and payed $75 for it. Thats how much I payed. I like it! It is on the back of his left shoulder.

We have been hangin out, watching Blade, eating pizza and Pumpkin Pie. Yummmm. I am ready to go home for Thanksgiviing. All that goood fooooooooooooooood. haha..
well,...anyway, i'll write more later.

Current mood: happy

Wednesday, November 20, 2002


Hey, I am bummin' off Chris's internet again, because ours still isn't working. But the heat is finally working, praise Jesus! I am so hungry. I finally bought some new shoes today. Chris's roommate is listening to some kind of USC band cd....right now the Gladiator song is playing..the one we played in band..awww. He's all like, yep..Byrnes is a really great band....yea yea i know,,,haha.

Well...it hasn't been much of an exciting day....................
............ ..........

Current mood: hungry

Tuesday, November 19, 2002

10:25PM - hmmm.....this could be bad

HEY. I got off work 2 hours early, but I am still getting paid! haha..camille was on the phone with me when it happened. Some guy was like...uh, I am supposed to work with you 'cause I have to do community service. He got busted for having a girl in his room after the "visitation hours". That sucks. I don't think I was supposed to leave...but uh..I dunno. hah.
I am feeling pretty good right now. I am in a good mood. Life is great I guess, sometimes. Chris is still working on his English paper with some guy in his class. They've been working on that thing for like 3 hours. But he wants me to come watch Scar Face with them in a few. Geez, that boy has watched that move like 5 times this week. I watched it once and saw it enough! Oh well. :)
I finally got my laundry done, it's just laying on my floor now, I guess I should go put it up. Alright..............Im gonna get goin now. Hope things are goin good for everyoneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Current mood: hyper

6:55PM - Stupid Car

I almost got hut by a car today and DIED....yep. When I was walking across the street!!

Man. I have to go to work from 8 to 12 tonight. Yall should
call me, the number is 803-777-0774. PLEASE CALL MEEEEEEe..haha seeya

12:59PM - Holy Jesus

I was writing this, and was almost done, then I hit something, and it erased it. Stupid me. Well...last night I watched Night of the Living Dead with Chris. That's an OLD movie. We went to the mall because I wanted shoes. I swear, I think they quit making Adidas. That's all I wanted, was a nice pair of Adidas. Every store we went in had maybe 2 pair, if that many, and they were ugly. So I was gonna get Nike's..but none of those fit, so I gave up. Chris ended up getting a pair of boots for 20 bucks at American Eagle..not bad!
I took Nyquil last night and I was knocked out, I am still sleepy. I need to do my laundry today!, and I have to work 8 to 12..I think I am going to bring my tv to work and watch Joy RIde again because I don't recal the ending...
It is so cold outside. Well...I guess I need to get going. I will write more later.

Current mood: blah

Monday, November 18, 2002


I was sleeping so good last night. Today Chris and I went to wash my car. It was so funny..you shouldve seen us rushing to get it done so our time wouldn't run out. We are about to go apply at a store.,..MAYBE. I really need money, I am thinking Best Buy. He wants to wait on tables somewhere so he can get tips. Then I need to go to the store and buy some shoes, my tennis shoes suck. Man, I am always happy when I am with him..aww, corny, but its true.
I started cleaning up in the room, I have been in a big cleaning mood lately....anyway, im goin for now.

and yes, classes still suck..but it all seems ok

Current mood: happy

Sunday, November 17, 2002


Hey. Chris and I went to Sears and bought some new Windshield Wipers for my car, the others were old and scratching my windshield! Then we ate at Subway, yummmmmmmm. I have been in such a good mood today. :)

uh..all that stuff we were talkin about last night and what I was askin about, i was serious!! so..i dunno..
but im goin for now.
I had fun last night, glad we were all together! :)

Current mood: happy


I had a good time last night. We are all at Donalds, Jess, camie, jenni, ben, ashley, chris, me and chris. We havent all been together like this in a long time, and everyone got to meet chris, I think he had fun. We all got drunkkk...haha, playin card drinkin games and bein goofy like usual. But anyway, we just got done with a breakfast noow we;re just hangin out watchin movies. Im gettin off here, later

Current mood: ditzy

Friday, November 15, 2002

12:53PM - I wish things didn't matter so much in life

Such as school. Well, It's not that it matters to me, just to my parents. Sometimes I feel like the only reason I am doing something is for my parents, but it still never ends up right. And sometimes I wish I was an only child, so that there wouldn't be other people to compare me to. My sister is the one that was so smart and always did good in school and never got in trouble. My brother was the football player/athlete who always got in trouble but shared all the stories with my parents and amused them and joined the air force to make them all proud because he knew he couldn't do well in college (I wish he at least tried). And me, the one who isnt as smart or do as well in school as my sis, gets in trouble causing stress for my parents, and just has a view in life to have fun, The view that the rest of my family doesnt seem to understand. Because I feel I have plenty of time to make things right, and have some room to mess up every now and then. But then again, I am glad I have a brother and sister. I don't know why I just started thinking about all of this. I just wish I could start over sometimes. I wish I my parents and I were much more open with each other about everything, and that I could tell them stuff whenever I want, cause theres always something I wanna say, but feel weird, so I just dont say it. I wish my parents never got divorced. And I wish my parents wouldn't worry about money so much, or wether or not I want to spend time with the other parent, or other nonsense stuff like that. I wish they'd be more laid back, or maybe I should just be more serious. But either way, I guess it doesn't matter. It'd be nice to move out of this place and be away from all this that I am used to, ya kow. But I'd miss all my friends.
And ya know what, I really like Chris. :) We've been hangin around each other like all the time since September i think. just wanted to throw that in. But anyway, just felt like takin the time to write all that........for some reason...?
But I gotta get my check and deposit and other crap. Later

Current mood: discontent

Thursday, November 14, 2002


Woowoo, I had fun in good ol' Greenwood last night. CHris and I left around 4:00. He took me to eh great Greenwood mall, haha that thing is pitiful. Then we went to his house. His parents are nice. Then we ate at a mexican restaurant, wetn bowling, went to his bro's apartment and watched a movie. It was cool.
But he got caught for having alcohol in his room yesterday! I'll explain later, but its not right. Anyway, Im goona go for now, write more later, bye

Wednesday, November 13, 2002

3:11PM - Chicken Finger Day mmmmmmmmmmmm

I may have to retake german. I have to make at least a C in there, and I might have a D. Well..it wont be the end of the world, just somethin I'll have to do over. I like to look at things in a not so depressing way.

HAHA...uh, Chris and I are gonna take a trip to Greenwood soon. Last night we were kickin some plastic thing around the hall tryin to play soccer. So today I said I wanna go buy one. He's like "Lets just go to my house and get mine" SOOooo we just now decided to do that once we're done w/ everything.. I love being spontaneous. And he's gonna pay for my gas, SUCKER HAHAHA....just kiddin. But yea..Ive been in a good mood today. Even tho classes aren't that great... :\

Chris, Chris, and I might go to Banana Joe's Thursday, ANyone Wanna Go????
Well, Im goin for now, later

Current mood: happy

Tuesday, November 12, 2002

1:56PM - Classes Suck

I really don't think I am doing good in Math, German OR Psychology! AHHH. I wanna scream. Univ 101 and English are fine I guess. Only 4 more weeks left of this semester. I am starting to worry.
..About Chris. Yes I do like him and he likes me. Yes I guess we're goin out. When we were first hangin out I was like..nah, he wont be more than a friend. Well, I guess you never know when you think you do.
I wish I had a lot more money. I barely have enough to make my car payment, not enough at all to make my phone payment, so I don't know what I am gonna do about Christmas gifts. And now I have another gift to worry about. Well, 2 i guess. Chris was talkin about buyin my birthday and Christmas present. His birthday is in December too.

I have to work tonight for 4 hours. It gets so boring. Maybe Grubbs will come talk to me again. Or I can bring my tv. This is when I wish I had a laptop, I could do so much with that...homework, games, talk to people WHATEVERRRRR, but instead I just have to sit there, doodle, talk to passer-bys and daydream. oh well.
Man I should really start working out!! I swear, I eat chik fil a or some other fast food place at the Gimp all the time. This sucks.........Well I guess I'm gonna get going for now. Later

Current mood: indescribable

Monday, November 11, 2002

5:52PM - oh well

I just got back from math. Math hates me. And every other class...not really. I am kinda ready to go home for a little bit. Get away from school work and stuff. And hang out with Camille !! haha. I'm getting hungry, I wanna eat SubCity today.
Ya know, I really think it is pitiful seeing all the sorority girls walkin around, all "unified" in their identical shirts and purses being all peppy and bitchy and gossiping cause their all part of a special group. AhhHHHhhhhHH. I think thats why a bunch of my friends here are guys. Cause even the guys that are in fraternities dont think they're all better than everyone, ya know. And to me, the guys here are a lot different than highschool, they arent as annoying. You c an actually talk to these and have a decent conversation.
CHris and I are about to go to the library. So, I'll write more later.

Current mood: okay

10:06AM - Good Morning

I slept so good last night. I felt like I had slept till 12, but it was only 8 in the morning. But I wish it wasn't raining. I went to a movie Saturday..The Ring. It was Me, Chris, Courtney, Ashley, and David. That was a cool movie. It freaked me out! Later that day the 4th floor RA invited us to go 'drinkin' with them. He's pretty cool when you get to know him. We went to the Wailey's Mill Apartments. There were several people there. I went with Chris, Matt and Ashley and Courtney. Ashley and Courtney are these 2 girls in high school from Tennessee, they came here to visit Matt. Matt asked if I could say they are signed in in my room, since they couldnt stay with a guy, and to make their moms happy. So their mom gave me a "house warming" gift! A batch of cookies and a bear and lotions from Bath and Body Works. haha! Well, after that we went back to the dorms, me and Chris didn't want to end the night already...too early. We went to Wal Mart, and to try to rent a movie at like 2 in the morning. But we forgot about the stupid blue laws. So a buncha sections were roped off in wal mart.

Yesterday wasn't very productive. I slept til 12. I was gonna go swimmin with some people, but couldn't find my swimsuit. So then we went to buy some games to play on XBox. That thing is fun. I went to bed about 1:20.

And now it's raining :( And its the week. I wish it could be the weekend forever.

Tuesday, November 5, 2002


Hey guys, So hoiw has it been going? Not bad here. No classes today because of voting day. So Chris Cox and I went to Wal Mart, Best Buy, Circuit City and the mall. I bought a radar detector. woowoo, no more tickets. yea right, probly wont work. We ate lunch at the Gimp, saw Jenni and she ate with us. I do like him. I had to work tonight from 8-12. Chris Grubbs came and sat/talked with me for almost the whole 4 hours!! He is so awesome. I wiould have been bored out of my mind if it wasnt for him. He's great. We ordered a pizza from Dominoes. Good stuff. I love talking to Grubbs. He makes me feel so much better, about myself even! We were talking about how we have the rest of our lives to work, so why should everything be so serious right now. Thats why I like going oiut and bein crazy I guess. Cause I wont be able to later. Also, so what if I dont do perfect in classes. If my mom bitches at me about how "my sister does good in classes why cant you" then theres some stuff i can say to her but itd be mean. But anyway...I really dont know what Im talking about. I guess I am gonna get going. Oh yea..I am trying to sell my car, and then get a different one. And I want a straight drive too. I need soimethin cheaper I think.. W

Friday, November 1, 2002

8:35AM - cut open my skull; and rip out my brain

cause my head hurts!! Halloween didnt really seem like anything different. But it was still cool. It was cold yesterday. Last night some of us decided to go to Banana Joe's...Me, Jess, Chris Grubbs, Chris Cox, Brian and some other guy, forgot his name. There were so many people there! I had fun, except I shouldnt have drank as much as I did before we left. We got back maybe around 2:30. JESUS..this morning, i felt so bad. I have never had a hangover like that. I was looking for anything to help, tylenol, bread, water, haha. I feel a little better. My head still hurts a little.
OH YEA, I was messing with Chris's lock blade knife right before we left last night, and I cut the crap outta my finger. When I cut it, it started pouring blood..I was like, uh, I'll be right back. They didnt know what I did. I went to the bathroom to clean it, then a few minutes later Chris walked in lookin for me. he said I got blood all on the vodka bottle and door handle. haha. oops.
I dunno, I like bein around Chris. last night he kept like kissin me on the cheek and stuff. But anyway, last night was fun.
I have to work tonight, tomorrow mornign and tomorrow night.

Well, im gonna go for now, seeya

Wednesday, October 16, 2002

1:56PM - Stupid Squirrel

Hey. Fall Break was ok, but I wish it was longer. I got to see some friends I haven't seen in a while. Then I spent the rest of the time with my family. My mom said she gets kinda lonely because my stepdad has been working a lot, especially late at night. That made me feel bad. I got back in Columbia yesterday around 2:00. THen I worked last night 8-12. I dont have english class all this week or Monday because my teacher has to have conferences with everyone.
DAMMIT...there was a squirrel on our porch, I thought it was cute and all..until I saw him pissing on my fold up chair!! STupid squirrel. So I poured a bottle of water on the chair.
Well, I have 2 hours and 40 minutes til my next class.

Last night, while I was working, Chris Grubbs came to visit me. He stayed for a while, maybe like 2hours. But we were talkin about some cool stuff. Like...Pretty soon we are gonna be getting old..and whatever we do now is what determines what we will be doing for the rest of our lives. And these 4 years is where we will probably meet our spouse..because after college,,,where will we meet people...at bars? I hope not..I dont wanna say I met my husband at a bar. But it just seems like..most of our fun is over with. Now we gotta be serious. But I think our freshman year can still be fun. We were just thinking about all this stuff.

Well, I might go take a nap or somethin. later

Current mood: content

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