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Holy Jesus

I was writing this, and was almost done, then I hit something, and it erased it. Stupid me. Well...last night I watched Night of the Living Dead with Chris. That's an OLD movie. We went to the mall because I wanted shoes. I swear, I think they quit making Adidas. That's all I wanted, was a nice pair of Adidas. Every store we went in had maybe 2 pair, if that many, and they were ugly. So I was gonna get Nike's..but none of those fit, so I gave up. Chris ended up getting a pair of boots for 20 bucks at American Eagle..not bad!
I took Nyquil last night and I was knocked out, I am still sleepy. I need to do my laundry today!, and I have to work 8 to 12..I think I am going to bring my tv to work and watch Joy RIde again because I don't recal the ending...
It is so cold outside. Well...I guess I need to get going. I will write more later.
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