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Classes Suck

I really don't think I am doing good in Math, German OR Psychology! AHHH. I wanna scream. Univ 101 and English are fine I guess. Only 4 more weeks left of this semester. I am starting to worry.
..About Chris. Yes I do like him and he likes me. Yes I guess we're goin out. When we were first hangin out I was like..nah, he wont be more than a friend. Well, I guess you never know when you think you do.
I wish I had a lot more money. I barely have enough to make my car payment, not enough at all to make my phone payment, so I don't know what I am gonna do about Christmas gifts. And now I have another gift to worry about. Well, 2 i guess. Chris was talkin about buyin my birthday and Christmas present. His birthday is in December too.

I have to work tonight for 4 hours. It gets so boring. Maybe Grubbs will come talk to me again. Or I can bring my tv. This is when I wish I had a laptop, I could do so much with that...homework, games, talk to people WHATEVERRRRR, but instead I just have to sit there, doodle, talk to passer-bys and daydream. oh well.
Man I should really start working out!! I swear, I eat chik fil a or some other fast food place at the Gimp all the time. This sucks.........Well I guess I'm gonna get going for now. Later
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