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oh well

I just got back from math. Math hates me. And every other class...not really. I am kinda ready to go home for a little bit. Get away from school work and stuff. And hang out with Camille !! haha. I'm getting hungry, I wanna eat SubCity today.
Ya know, I really think it is pitiful seeing all the sorority girls walkin around, all "unified" in their identical shirts and purses being all peppy and bitchy and gossiping cause their all part of a special group. AhhHHHhhhhHH. I think thats why a bunch of my friends here are guys. Cause even the guys that are in fraternities dont think they're all better than everyone, ya know. And to me, the guys here are a lot different than highschool, they arent as annoying. You c an actually talk to these and have a decent conversation.
CHris and I are about to go to the library. So, I'll write more later.
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